Wondering about what we offer, our service protocol or anything in between? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

How soon in advance should we plan to book the caterer for an event?
It is very important to book as soon as you have settled on the date. Don’t put it off until months or even weeks before the date of the event! Clients typically book caterers six to twelve months in advance. Otherwise, you run the risk of having no choice or even being left with no vendor available. As long as we are available we have no problem with late notice events.

Do you supply staff and how much do they cost?
We offer experienced staff to suit all occasions, including chefs, wait staff, bar staff and event managers. Competitive rates vary depending on the day and the function. Our basic wait staff attract a minimum fee of forty dollars per hour. Generally, we will apply one wait staff per twenty guests.

Do you supply hire?
We can organise all crockery, cutlery, glassware and linen, together with furniture, scullery equipment, styling & other items as required. Delivery and pickup charges apply. Where an external hire company is engaged, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the selected venue is happy to store the items. Should the event finish at time when the hire company is unavailable, a suitable time will need to be organised with both the venue and the hire company to allow a pick up to take place.

Do you set the tables?
Yes, we do. Our staff can set your tables with crockery, cutlery and linen. We’re also happy to add anything further you’d like on the table, such as flowers or name cards. You will need to deliver these to the venue or our premises in order for us to do so. If you wish us to apply any styling or decorative elements, arrangements must be made in advance.

What time will you arrive before the event starts?
Arrival times vary depending on the numbers of guests, style of function & other setup requirements. We like to be onsite in plenty of time to be properly organised and to ensure your event is given the attention to detail it deserves.

How long will the catering staff be at the venue?
We’re happy to stay for as long or as short a time as you wish. Our staff each attract a minimum shift of three hours. We will always ensure the premise is left clean and tidy and will never leave before our event manager on site has checked this & notified you that we are leaving.

Can you organise the styling and decoration of the events you cater?
Absolutely, we love to style events. Extra fees apply based on the number of staff needed to organise efficiently. We also love to work with other vendors and stylists should you require - we would love to assist you in achieving your vision.

Will you break everything down once the event is finished?
We will break down anything set up by us. Anything outside of what we have set up is the responsibility of the company/individual involved unless arranged in advance.

I am having a wedding in a marquee, what facilities do you need?
We require a watertight marquee with access to clean water and a dedicated circuit or separate generator. If these are not present, we can supply ourselves for a fee.

How far do you travel?
We are happy to travel as far as you wish. Fees do apply, including a charge of $2.50 per kilometre for the round trip from our premises. For events that are a considerable distance from our premises, we may have to accommodate our team overnight. All such charges will be passed onto the client.

Can we have a children’s menu?
Absolutely, we’re happy to tailor a suitable kids menu for you upon request.

Do you make cakes?
Yes! We are also happy to serve other suppliers’ offerings should you wish.

Does A Moveable Feast Catering host tastings?
We can organise tastings. Fees do apply. Alternatively, we are happy to showcase some of our food from upcoming events as they occur with no charge.

What will the wait staff wear?
Our standard uniform is white t-shirt, blue jeans, black shoes & grey apron, although we are happy for you to dress us! We can arrange different clothing although a fee may apply.

Will A Moveable Feast Catering include a dish from a recipe we provide, such as a special family favourite, or something of sentimental significance?
Sure. We have the ability to accommodate almost any type of cuisine or recipe. If we have a request for a family recipe we will test it several time to make sure it’s perfect for the big day. We can also use a particular dish or cuisine as a jumping off point to riff off & create something innovative & fun!

Can A Moveable Feast Catering prepare vegetarian, kosher, kids, or halal meals for just a few of our guests?
Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate almost any type of cuisine or dietary requirements. We are also able to have our kitchen kaschered in order to meet kosher requirements and we are experienced in following kosher food guidelines. Please ensure you communicate this aspect of your requirements to us at the earliest opportunity.

Where will the food be prepared?
A Moveable Feast Catering has two certified commercial kitchens - one in O’Connor, just outside Fremantle - where most of the production takes place & another smaller kitchen in the heart of Mosman Park. For events requiring final preparation, we prefer a covered space with access to power & running water. For events at private residences, a garage or car port is ideal. We can then drive straight into the space & exit taking everything with us, (as though we were never there!)

Does A Moveable Feast Catering have a licence?
Yes, our business is certificated by both the City of Fremantle & the Town of Mosman Park & meets environmental health standards. We also possess liability insurance. The kitchen is inspected regularly to make sure food is properly handled and stored. All of our food preparation staff undergo food safety training prior to beginning work with us.

Can A Moveable Feast Catering serve alcohol at events?
Yes, we are now a fully licenced caterer with our own special facilities license (catering).

We can serve your own alcohol for private events under 150 people with an event duration of less than 4 hours. Beyond that, we are happy to advise on licensing requirements.

If we ask you to cater our event, can we provide some food ourselves?
To protect our catering licence and satisfy our public liability insurance, we must meet all food health and safety standards. Please call to discuss your particular request.

How much is the deposit and when is the final balance due?
We require a 50% deposit to confirm your event. The balance should be paid a minimum of seven working days prior to the event.

I cannot find the information I need!
No worries, please get in touch with us by either completing the form on the contact page or send an email to . We’ll be in touch in due course.