Our dishes are unique, inspired, flavour bombs, assured to arouse ~ so much more than fuel.

Say G'Day - We'd love to feed you!

We love a good party!
You'll find us in the kitchen....

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Whilst we LOOOOOVE Weddings & specialise in unique Private Events, we cater Corporate Events, including launches, celebrations, anniversaries & experiences.

​We'll sustain you on your boat, plane, oil rig, mine site, expedition, exposition, exhibition, symposium, celebration, wake, wine tasting and everything in between - We curate incredible, edible experiences.

Say G'Day - We'd love to feed you!

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Wedding Catering Perth
Catering Perth
Wedding Catering Perth
Catering Perth
Wedding Catering Perth
Catering Perth

Looking For Best Catering Service in Perth?

Food is one of the most vital items at any large event. Therefore, you'll need to hire the best catering in Perth, whether you're having a wedding, graduation party, corporate event, or something different. Good catering puts smiles on people's faces, and those smiles can make your event unforgettable. A Moveable Feast Catering can ensure that your event goes smoothly and your guests are pleased because of the following qualities:

Strong Reputation

The first thing you'll notice about us is that our customers love us. You'll see many positive words and repeat guest comments from people who have used us for their events. You will know that you can trust us to equip your event with the food and the vibe that you need. We can adapt our catering orders to a variety of events, including wakes and funerals.

Varied Menu

We understand that food tastes vary from group to group. That's why we offer everyone a broad range of food styles for the guests. You can select the style that your participants are most likely to enjoy. Examples of some of the styles of food we serve include Japanese, Italian, Western and the like. We can provide your guests with full four-course meals or appetizers and snack dishes. All you need to do is come to us with your vision, and we will make it materialize. We're gifted with dietary creativity, and we love using it to provide the best catering in Perth.

Passionate Staff Members

All of our staff members are invested in and passionate about food, and they are passionate about serving clients in the most fulfilling ways. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you contact us, you reach out to people who truly enjoy the food and service industries. The chef has front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house training, which means he knows how to make a stellar meal and present it well. He also knows exactly what's required to make customers happy on a more personal level. Additionally, he has had various positions in the restaurant industry, such as chef, head chef, and event manager. By trusting us, you're trusting someone who truly knows food.

Custom Orders

We offer the option to create custom orders. You might have a split group of people attending your event. Therefore, you may desire to have your catering order split into two different types of food. You may have a different arrangement you prefer to use to make as well. We will do our best to create the dietary vision you have in mind and present it the way you want us to. As a matter of fact, we love challenging projects because it gives us a chance to use our creativity in the highest capacity. We'll be highly delighted to provide wedding catering in Perth for your event.
Now you know what makes our catering service so unique. Now all you need to know is when we can visit you to provide you with the top-notch service you need and deserve. Reach out to us soon for more information and answers about the best catering in Perth.


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Thanks Zac & team for Catering last night, (7th August 2021).  The food was delicious.  Hope you got back to Perth okay.

Amy, Koorda Sports Association

Thanks for all of your excellent work on Sunday, (11th July 2021).  We received many glowing comments about the food.

Catherine & Simon

Food was great mate. Best match in my humble was the pineapple dish with Verdelho and roo tail with Shiraz.  Do you mind if I mention you as our catering partner on our website? (6th August 2021).​

Chris, Up WA

Just wanted to quickly say thank you so much for the food for our staff lunch, (12th August 2021) it got devoured and there was literally not 1 thing left!

Tyla, Swick Mining Services

"Thank you so much for catering the Long Table Author Talk, (June 2nd 2021) . Your dedication to telling the story of Wherever You Go and the Around the World Supper Club shone through in every morsel. It was a fabulous night of food, wine and story.

Monique Mulligan, Author

Many thanks for the delicious luncheon. (29th July 2021).​

Jayne, Murdoch University