Sample Shared Family Style Banquet Menu



Fish | chip | tartare

Spag bol spring roll | Putanesca


First Course


Shared Platters

(2 per table)

Smoked corn & fetta croquetas (gf, v) | chipotle lime squid, (gf) | Margherita pizette (v)


Main Course


Wafuu Beef (gf)

Japanese-style 4-day roast beef

Asian braised mushrooms | agadashi & cacao nib jus


Gochugang Blackened Red Spot Emperor

Salsa fresca | toasted coconut | coconut gel


Patatas Bravas (gf, vegan)

Sautéed spuds with a spicy tomato sauce


Pisto (gf, vegan)

Roast tomatoes | capsicum | zucchini | onions | black garlic  


Caesar Salad

Cos | croutes | baked proscuitto | sous vide eggs | Parmesan shard | Caesar dressing | boquerones




Croquembouche with Spun Sugar