Many 'About' pages start with some rubbish about humble beginnings. 

We have been working towards this for a very long time!  Proper gastronomy is about more than a 'gourmet' pie or snot block, (though we do argue incessantly about the best!  FYI Bakers Hill Bakery is pretty good...).  We are passionate, committed, driven & honest.  This is what we do.  It's why we work long hours in all manner of weather.


A Moveable Feast Catering does things a little differently.  There are no tired old menus for you to pick from, nor packages costed to open your pockets. We'd rather be upfront & honest. 

We'd love to get to know you and find out what you are all about. We’ll discuss your vision for your event in detail then put together something truly individual & sure to impress. We’ll tell your story...

Our core value is integrity. We believe in open communication & collaboration.  We are happy to share our expertise & passion.  That's why we call Zac the Chef Patron - the chief, the host...       

Zac trained with the best in the business.  Prior to founding A Moveable Feast Catering, he acted as Maître d’Hotel, Chef Tournant, Sommelier, Event Manager & Head Chef, including time at Northcote, The Ivy & Taillevent.                             


Zac loves developing dishes with a twist or a story, so long as they are flavour bombs!  When he isn't in the kitchen, he's either being climbed on or showing the two mini-feasters how to cook, forage and fish, (the latter mostly observing...)

Ellie Wilkinson is the creative behind much of our work & adds another dimension to our collective.  Her food obsession goes back many years - She was in Junior MasterChef at 12!  Ellie worked at Rick Stein’s eponymous Seafood Restaurant before going on to study at university.  She now divides her time between A Moveable Feast & her nursing career.


Our experience & creativity allow us to work nimbly & outside normal constraints.  A Moveable Feast Catering offers complete full-service catering.  We love a good party!

We’d rather create than sit on our laurels.  Kitchen wisdom is that you are only as good as your last service.  We use our technique & expertise to create tomorrow.  

Let us tell your story.... 

Ellie Wilkinson is the creative brain behind A Moveable Feast Catering.
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