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Best Menu for a Corporate Event

There are several different types of corporate events. There are eight main types of corporate events and each even can allow for a different type of menu.

There is no specific day or time for corporate events, so there is a lot of flexibility with your business event catering menu.

Let’s look at the seven main types of events you would want corporate catering services in Australia for:

1. Staff Meetings - Usually only internal employees attend this event. However, sometimes members from the board of directors or company sponsors may also attend. If that is the case, you will need a business event catering menu.

2. Conferences - Are made up of several corporate members and members from several other corporations. These come together to share ideas and knowledge. These conferences are generally an all-day/evening event, so you’re looking at

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in Australia for three meals.

3. Seminars – Allow companies to showcase new products or expertise on a subject. This can be a short (snack) amount of time or an all-day event that would require a snack and lunch or even lunch and dinner.

4. Product Launches – In the corporate world, launches are a big deal. Everyone will be in attendance, including employees, sponsors/investors, board members, the press, and even competitors. A product launch is like a party, so you have some leeway with your menu options.

5. Networking – What you need to remember when looking for corporate catering services in Australia for this type of event is, most people do not find a table and plant themselves there, they are moving around, working the room, so to speak, so your menu will need to be portable.

6. Holiday Party – Some corporations go all out and throw a party for all the holidays. At this event, they are usually themed, and the menu is based on the theme. However, most companies stick with the yearly Christmas party. It is generally in the evening and consists of a sit-down dinner and dancing. Of course, a buffet-style dinner or finger foods are also acceptable.

Now, that we have looked at the main corporate events that require business event catering, we need to go a step further and find the best menu for a corporate event.

Let’s look at each one of our six events and break them down so we can find the best corporate catering services in Australia.

Staff Meetings    

Company staff meetings are generally held at the end of the workday so all employees can attend. A staff meeting usually lasts a few hours. There is new business and old business to be discussed and, of course, it will close with questions and answers. This event takes place during dinner.

Therefore, you are expected to provide dinner, not a snack. Staff meetings are informal, so the dinner doesn’t need to be fancy or pricey, but it should show your appreciation and be a nice filling meal. Appetizers and dessert are not required.

Meal Ideas – Sushi platter (enough for everyone to get their fill), and, of course, a beverage of each person’s choice. You can also go with a bit more substance and order a Tortellini dish. The pasta is filling and comforting.


A conference usually requires three meals. Not all three meals must be “sit down”. Breakfast should be grab and go because people are trying to get to listen to specific speakers and they want a good seat etc. If they want a full-course breakfast, they can always order room service. Lunch can be buffet style and dinner should be a sit-down meal.

Meal Ideas – Breakfast can be croissants, biscuits with jelly, bagels with an assortment of toppings, fruits, and coffee and tea. Lunch, if done Buffett style, could be a sandwich and/or a taco bar. A green salad should be included, sliders, and tortillas. All of these would make a nice buffet-style lunch. Dinner should be a sit-down meal with four courses. Some examples could be Putanesca with the first course of Margherita pizzette. The main course could be Wafuu beef and Croquembouche for dessert.


A seminar is usually a half-day event. If you opt to go with lunch, then select a few items and then some go-to items.

Meal Ideas – Lunch ideas could be sandwiches and wraps. Just make sure you get a nice selection. You could also go with gazing platters and a fruit platter and a veggie platter. If you choose to go with the snacks, then stick to the fruit and veggie platters.

Product Launches & Networking

At these two events, people do not spend a lot of time sitting. They are mixing and mingling.

Meal Ideas - This makes the Grazing platter, Rice paper rolls, Sushi platter, Sliders, cheeseboard, and assorted seasonal fruits and veggies. These items are all perfect and can be provided by corporate catering services in Australia.

Holiday Party

A holiday party can be finger foods or a sit-down meal. At most corporate holiday parties, the employees are given a meal such as the one that would be served at a conference.

Meal Ideas - Some examples could be Putanesca with the first course of Margherita pizzette, the main course could be Wafuu beef and Croquembouche for dessert.

Corporate events need careful planning when it comes to meals. That’s why it is best to partner up with a corporate catering services in Australia to make sure your event is a success.

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