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Those that enjoy boating understand what an absolutely wonderful experience it is. Sailing around the waterways on a beautiful day with the wind in your hair. Others prefer quiet, sunset cruises with great views as you end the day. No matter which type of sailing you prefer, the best sailing goes hand-in-hand with great food and drinks.

This just goes to show that no matter where you are, you can have an epic culinary experience.

Boat Party Catering and Beverage Ideas:

If you are planning a gourmet special event on a yacht or a simple lunch or dinner on your sailboat, the experts at A Moveable Feast Catering can provide anything you need. They go the extra step to make sure your event is memorable. Whether it is a small event for just a few people or a large event for a group, the team at A Moveable Feast will deliver, each and every time.

Some food purveyors are hesitant to service boating customers because there is an added level of difficulty. The boat moves and often can hit rocky waves making it difficult for some caterers to accommodate their clients. But the experts at a Moveable Feast are up to the task. They are experts in creating fresh, creative, and exciting foods that your guests will be left satisfied with. Because they are experts in “moveable feasts,” they know how to deal with rough weather and do not miss a beat in their service, food offerings, and delicious beverages.

Here are some of the many culinary options that our chef can create for your next voyage. They are also happy to work with you on Gourmet Catering ideas if you have something special planned.

Sample Private Degustation Menu:

Here is a sample menu, but diners and party organizers that their own Gourmet Catering ideas are welcome to make suggestions.

  • Canapes:
  • Ceduna Oyster with Braesola mignonette, and gin and orange pearls
  • Burnt cucumber served with elderflower syrup and Pimms jelly

  • Amuse Bouche: Heirloom Beat Carpaccio, with smoked beet gel and anise/cocoa coffee crumb
  • Hour’s D’Ouvre: Hail Season salad in a parmesan cup and white anchovy
  • Appetizer: Sous vide quail egg with fennel and tarragon hollandaise, duck ham served on a blini
  • Soup: Cauliflower with a hint of olive oil
  • Fish: Tandoori road cod accompanied by pork floss, apple, and celery mash, smokey apple, and cumin gravy
  • Entrée: Pickled Brisket Hash with a fried egg white omelet
  • Roti: Lamb Strap with black olive, tomato, and aubergine with black garlic
  • Game: Tortellini-roo with juniper, shallot, raspberry, and black pepper
  • Pre-Dessert: Mandarin Chocolate disc
  • Dessert: Blackberry Souffle with Chambord sauce

As you can see from this menu, our chef is skilled in preparing some of our finest culinary sensations in new, innovative ways. And he is always willing to listen to client's Gourmet Catering ideas that will wow the guests.

Each course is paired with the perfect potable accompaniment. Whether it is a cocktail or perfectly paired wine, those that enjoy indulging in the perfect pairing of food and beverage will be surprised.

Preparation and Service:

The team at A Moveable Feast Catering spare no cost in the food they prepare. They use only the freshest, vegetables, seafood, meat, and fruit, so each dish comes out beautifully prepared and ready to pack a flavorful punch. They try to source from local suppliers whenever possible.

Because they are experts in boat catering, they offer a professional service staff, silenced alcohol, and boat safety equipment. They have been planning and implementing gourmet food events for many years, so they have plenty of experience working on boats.

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Boat Party Catering and Beverages Ideas For Every Occasion:

They understand that often catering needs more subtlety and less wow. So, their menu also includes picnic hampers, picnic boxes, and boxed lunches that may include aged cheeses, gourmet meats, fresh bread, vegetables, and fruits. They can also prepare an overwhelming fresh meat and cheese board for those simple occasions.

We Cater to More Than Boats:

Not everyone is fortunate enough to travel by boat, so the team at A Moveable Feast can also prepare special meals for corporate events, celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, and just about any other type of gathering you could imagine. They can even set up a great catered buffet or plated dinner on a plane, oil rig, mine site, exhibition, symposium, wine tasing, and any other type of celebration.

If you are planning a catered event, call A Moveable Feast Catering first. The phone number is (08) 9279 9225 and their email is

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