Buffet vs. plated catering which is best for your wedding

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Buffet vs. plated catering which is best for your wedding

You have set the date, and the venue, compiled the wedding list, and ordered your dress, but are you forgetting something? Food! You will need food and not just any food. You have more choices to make, and the professionals you hire for this occasion can help you when choosing your wedding food.

Buffet vs. plated will be a significant decision to make, regarding wedding food, after the menu and price. Your guest list, wedding style, and the depth of your budget will help dictate the type of service for your wedding meals and refreshments.

A few things to consider are whether your wedding is formal, casual, morning, noon, or evening, inside or out. Your wedding's location and theme can help you and your chosen catering chef style a menu that will help you entertain your guests on this most eventful day.

The Difference between buffet and plated food for weddings

Although a buffet can be very elegant or down-home casual, they are usually less fancy than seated table service and are generally less costly than plated food. Food costs can be higher for buffets because the chef's staff must prepare more food to ensure that there is enough for your guests. However, the price of service personnel is typically lower.  

Meals of plated food are more costly due to the level of service necessary to cater to each guest, and food costs may be lower. The number of options you choose to offer to your guests will affect the price giving you the chance of providing one or two entrées and a vegan option if you wish. Plated food also allows your selection to be artfully displayed, adding another layer of elegance for this special event and a wow factor for your guests.

The most significant difference between buffet vs. plated food for wedding events is cost and convenience for your guests. Plated service offers no waiting lines and waits staff to care for your guest's needs from start to finish. Buffets are more casual for you and your guests, while plated dinners are more formal, but they need not be boring. The choice is yours when considering plated dinner service vs. buffet - which is right for you?

Do you Have a Wedding Theme?

You do not need a theme for your wedding, but it will add an air of fun and festivity over a traditional affair. Your wedding food and décor can be based on your theme, and a catering coordinator can help you plan the menu and decorations for your event. If you do not have a wedding theme, every season does. Themes and menu items can reflect a season, a holiday, or a cartoon character if you and your mate choose.

Choosing your Wedding Food

Choosing the menu for your wedding events can seem daunting without professional guidance. There is more to consider than whether you want beef or chicken, as you may have a vegan in the crowd or someone with allergies. The more entrée options, the higher the meal's cost, so keep this in mind when making your menu decisions. Wedding menus for rehearsal dinners, refreshments, and wedding meals can be tailored to special guests' needs ahead of time by offering options for special diets.

You and your catering coordinator can develop a menu for your wedding that is uniquely yours. Whether a plated dinner, a barn theme buffet, an open bar, or merely wine with dinner, a professional caterer can help you decide what is best for your wedding. When asking for RSVPs in invitations, ask your intended guests if they have a particular dietary requirement. They will love you for it, and your caterer will be prepared.

Is your Wedding Caterer Prepared?

Not all restaurants or food service establishments are prepared to choose plated vs. buffet-style service. The lack of this offering can limit your wedding meal options. When searching for a caterer, look for one who has the equipment, staff, and experience to fulfill your expectations while advising on making your wedding events unique.

Do you need more questions answered?

Not that you know more about your wedding meal and refreshment options, you can call your caterer and begin planning. In 2 min, you can see if they can provide you with what you have in mind for your wedding day and set up an appointment for a consultation.

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