Professional Wedding Caterer Tips for Keeping Calm on the Big Day

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Caterers and engaged couples must work together. This requires communication from the first taste test to the last frosted dessert. These wedding caterer tips will help everyone not only survive one of the most important celebrations ever but also enjoy it.

Brainstorm ideas and be flexible.

When a professional wedding caterer meets with clients, it’s time to brainstorm. Write down every possible idea expressed during the initial consultation. Then, discuss possible sub steps required to achieve at least one or two of the catering ideas on that list. A brainstorming session could even take more than one meeting and might be combined with taste tests.

Break large projects into little steps.

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This list includes all buffet warmers, utensils, storage containers and all packaged desserts, condiments, beverages and more.

Caterers also will make sub task lists, such as steps required to prepare specific entrées. In addition, they will prepare in advance for numbers of plates, tables, chairs and place settings needed. Usually, this requires assigning different groups of people to different catering duties.

Check out the venue in advance.

Researching the venue if the reception is not held at the same place where the food is prepared reduces stress. It will give caterers time to find out where the electrical outlets are. This enables them to plan where to place the buffet tables. It also determines whether or not a buffet or banquet style meal is best.

Whether a public or private reception setting, finding out how many ovens, tables, chairs and more will also help. Making provisions in case of rain if planning and outdoor picnic reception also could eliminate worries in cases of inclement weather.

Have the honest budget talk.

Professional catering companies who provide a reasonable about of services for fair prices prevent disappointment. The caterer who doesn’t oversell what they could provide will also not become burnt out on wedding day. Most couples will usually negotiate as long as the food preparers offer enough variety and adhere to special diet requests. Of all the wedding caterer tips, this probably will save both the caterers, the couples, and the families the most stress.

Remember allergies.

Non-dairy options with no nuts would be an example of allergy-free foods. Caterers will not be able to accommodate everyone, but they will do their best. It’s important that the couple getting married inform the professional wedding caterers of any known guest allergies.

Consider dietary restrictions.

Sometimes, caterers will prepare gluten-free desserts or low-sodium entrée alternatives, for example. They also might offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan or low-carb choices. Diabetic menu items also may make it easier for all guests attending to enjoy the meal.

Schedule taste tests.

Of course, a couple will not be able to invite everyone to a wedding caterer food testing session. However, male and female wedding attendants or the dinner rehearsal guests could participate. This provides opportunities for trying out some of the sugar-free, fat-free and gluten free items.

Taste tests also provide ways for caterers to decide what wedding cake or other desserts would be best. Wedding caterers might charge a fee for the food tasted, but it might cost less than what would actually cooked for the wedding feast.

Have back-up plans.

Sometimes, it happens. An oven needs repair or maybe a server drops a tray of canopies on the floor. Maybe one of the chefs ends up ill or a worker has an unexpected tragedy. This example reminds both wedding caterers and couple preparing for their “big day” to plan ahead. In this case, it helps to offer some alternatives in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Prepare in advance.

Professional wedding caterers do their best to plan as much of the menu items in advance as they can. For instance, catering chefs might cook desserts or pies the day before the event. Any hot item such as casseroles that they can reheat might be made the same morning for an evening meal.

Advanced preparation also involves gathering as much of a food count as possible. This process becomes easier if the couple can remind guests to send in their RSVPs with meal choice. Professional wedding caterers also will try to plan for a little bit more food than the number of people who would attend.

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